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About Angie

2016 BW AQ Headshot

Hello, friends.

I’m so glad you dropped by. Thanks for joining my adventure, one in which I’m led by the Lord, encouraged by His strength, and driven by His purpose – down the path called Writing.

The road is not new. This girl has been writing for as long as she can remember, and that is saying something, since she has passed the half century mark and is quickly sailing on towards the next decade.

Kevin is my love, best friend, and life partner of over 30 years. I’ve had him longer than his parents. Whenever we argue and I try to give him back, his mom says, “No, you’ve had him longer. He’s all yours!”

The Lord has blessed us with two adult married children, Taylor and Jamie, and Chelsie and Collin. Between them, we have the joy of loving five beautiful grandchildren. Nana and Papa are thrilled and can often be found making messes with them, or more often, cleaning up disasters from fun activities. Sad to say, their energy levels are triple our reserves. The fact is, we are ready for bed after a day with the grands.

I’ve resigned from full-time teaching in order to pursue writing. I sorely miss my co-workers and those precious students. And on those occasional rough writing days, I seriously consider going back to the classroom.

I’m content, challenged, and inspired in my writing life. Blogging, online articles, curriculum plans, picture books, devotional and inspirational books, and non-fiction books are some outlets for my creativity and putting pen to paper. Er, fingers to computer.

Journey with me through the twists and turns of life – the writing life. Don’t forget to stop and smell the lavender and lilac. You thought I was going to say roses. They smell nice, but I do so love lavender and lilac.

From the pine tree forest just past the honeysuckle bridge and froggy pond of water lilies,


PS Thanks for stopping by. If you are ever in Washington, let’s get coffee!



2 thoughts on “About Angie

  1. Please send a snail mail address. I have a group of letters to send on advice of teaching subjects from my AWANA group. Good web site. Thanks

    • Oh boy! Please tell me I responded years ago! I don’t see my response. That was when I was learning about blogging. I’m STILL learning!

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