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Dehydration warning – Even if you are not experiencing a heatwave!

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We are in a heat wave. Hydrate!

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There are ‘experts’ who will tell you that it is not necessary to drink water and that you can get your fluid requirements from foods alone.or that any fluid including fizzy drinks are acceptable and that a glass or two from time to time is fine. We are not insects, lizards or camels. We are in the middle of a heat wave and being dehydrated can cause your blood to thicken which impacts the efficiency of your internal organs including your heart and your brain. Astonishingly it seems acceptable to allow children to only consume sugar laden drinks.. as guardians of their health we as adults should make sure that they are get pure, unindustrialised water in the right quantity every day.. and don’t forget your pets and importantly yourself. In this article it lays it all out extremely compellingly.

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