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Ten Changes in Book Publishing: A Guest Post by Author Rayne Hall

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Kylie Betzner

Happy Hump Day, everyone! As you probably gathered from Monday’s post, I’ve not been much in a blogging mood … or writing mood in general. So lucky for me, Rayne Hall had a guest post up her sleeve to share with me today. Since so many of my followers are published and pre-published authors, I thought it might be fun to share her ten changes in book publishing list. Maybe you’ve noticed the same things. Let’s find out!


by Rayne Hall

  1. In the past, most authors worked for editors. Today, most editors work for authors.
  2. Most books went from author to agent to publisher to distributor to bookseller to reader. Now, more and more go from author to distributor to reader, cutting out most middlemen.
  3. To be commercially viable, books had to sell enough copies to finance a big publishing apparatus. Now, many need to pay only…

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