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Kev & Ang pose for lovely publicity photo!

Kev & Ang pose for lovely publicity photo!

On the road again…We used to sing that to a college friend, who was ALWAYS on the phone. We just switched the words. “On the phone again, she just can’t wait to get on the phone again…”

But seriously, we are now off the road. Again. Just home from Boise State, where we realized we never told anyone except our two young’ins that we were going. Oops. Our brain slots were full.

We enjoyed a whirlwind trip to Boise State where the Utah/Idaho Baptist Convention had a huge gathering called Equip. Twelve missionaries participated in an opening night commissioning service. It was fantastic! Now, if one were to attend the rehearsal, one would not even dare to think the real thing would work. We chased lizards, as our leader told us, to tame them and remove them before the big night. Let me tell you, we had a whole zoo full of lizards (sound problems, equipment problems, equipment everywhere, people setting up, forgotten testibytes, confused wandering m’s…). They say that if rehearsal goes poorly (and we were not in line for any oscar’s, that’s for sure) then the BIG one will go great.

And it did! Not without lots of prayer, perspiration, and focus. The room was set up for at least 650, and I guess there were people lining the back wall. I was too ancy and focused to see them. We did perspire. The more crowded, the hotter it got. The worship music was contemporary and awesome. All of the m’s calmly (on the outside) gave beautiful and varied testibytes, Dr. Rankin gave a great charge, and the invitation had at least 11 responses of individuals and couples feeling the call to serve somehow. Neat-o bandito!

Kevin was really into his sharing, and almost teared up enough to stop him from talking. Now, if you know Kevin, that’s amazing…anything that’s gets him to pause from speaking…hmmmm. Which in turn, caused many of the other m’s to tear up (fortunately for them, we were again, almost LAST, so it was ok). We had a total of 250 words this time. I didn’t quite have time to get into the throw-up story (makes you wonder, doesn’t it?), but I gave some glimpses into it. Afterwards, we were put into our corners by region, and people came by and visited with us. Wow! Lot’s of interest in France and Paris. I was trying to recruit future mission team members. Hint hint.

All in all, it was a great time. Flew over Tuesday, worked all day Wednesday (walked about 4 miles, got lost), had the service Wednesday night, and flew home early Thursday. It was such a blessing to meet so many people and connect with them.

What’s next? Kev-ster and I are going to do something similar in Alaska at the end of September. I think we will actually visit some churches and see some of the beauty of the people and the state.

Sad part? Took my camera. Number of photos? 0. Imagine me looking slimmer and fine in my flouncy polka dot skirt and black tank and sweater-let. Slimmer, I said. Oh, and younger, younger… 🙂 With a nice suntan.


Author: Angie

I live with my husband and two crazy kitties. I love having my grandchildren nearby so we can play and have messy fun. I spend oodles of time writing and reading. You can usually find me sipping tea or coffee, nibbling on dark chocolate, and contemplating what to plant next in the garden. If I am not playing, eating, drinking, or planting, then I am probably creating cards with rubber stamps or out snapping photos with my camera.

2 thoughts on “Boise State

  1. That’s got to be THE BEST picture of Kevin I’ve ever seen! lol

    Yea, thanks for letting us know you were traveling again so we could pray for ya. *eye rolly* 😐

    The chasing lizard comment….real live lizards orrrr…???

  2. Don’t you love how handsome he looks!? Lizards…there was an M who went to a place for worship and didn’t understand a word. So he counted lizards running along the walls and ceiling. The next week, he understood a little language, so he counted some lizards, but listened a bit more. As each week went, he understood more, and gradually, he didn’t even see the lizards at all. The lizards were real in this story, but for us, distractions that would keep us from being able to listen and focus. We were taking care of distractions before the event, for calm sailing later. I mean, there COULD have been real lizards at Boise State in that very noisy room, but I doubt it!

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