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Testibyte Time

Testibyte Time

We did it! Last Friday, one week ago, Kevin and I were appointed as missionaries in Oklahoma City with 32 of our friends. The service was held at Southern Hills Baptist Church (as Sebastian, my nephew used to say, a Big, Big, huuge, church). The choir was about 75. They had rockin’ worship music and vibe. It was a blessed time for us, one we will always remember.

One portion of the service was when each of the candidates gave his or her, in our case ‘our’ testibyte. We were limited to 155 words, together! Kevin and I both totally messed up during rehearsal…so you can imagine the stress and nerves while waiting to see if it would happen again. Only three units (yes, we are a unit) were after us…so the wait was long. Oh, and after rehearsal, complete with walk-throughs and microphones and seating arrangements, one of the men in charge said, “Oh, and tonight they will have a closeup of your faces on the two big screens that you face (in the rafters). So just don’t look at yourself, and you’ll be fine.” Yikes! Nothing worse than myself magnified by 50% (math people could help with that estimate) and shining off of 3 screens in the auditorium.

We made it! I still blanked out on 2 words, but filled them in with something suitable (I hope). We found that we were able to listen and concentrate more on the entire event AFTER we were done sharing. Fortunately, they video taped (CD’D) the service, and we will receive a copy in about a month. So we can go back and listen and watch it again, without the sound of adrenaline rushing through our ears.

The blessings of our great God, fantabulous friends, adopted family, cool music, good charge to the candidates, chocolate at the reception, … A great time was had by all.

And Tiny Tim said, “God bless us, every one.”


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I live with my husband and two crazy kitties. I love having my grandchildren nearby so we can play and have messy fun. I spend oodles of time writing and reading. You can usually find me sipping tea or coffee, nibbling on dark chocolate, and contemplating what to plant next in the garden. If I am not playing, eating, drinking, or planting, then I am probably creating cards with rubber stamps or out snapping photos with my camera.

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