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It Never Rains, But it Pours

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Whew. I must confess to a previously envied and believed fallacy…I used to think that the older we got, the more free time we had. Part 2 of that is, when the kids are grown up, life slows down and you have more free time. NOT.

I think God is getting us ready for being not-settled in any one place for very long. In the last week, we have been to Vancouver (WA), White Pass, Snoqualmie Pass, Seattle, Sea-Tac, Yakima, home (the very least time spent is here)…Miners, Powerhouse Grill, church, McGraphs, Applebees, Starbucks, and the list goes on. We put close to 1000 miles on the car this week in our various and sundry travels.

But mostly we have been on the phone.  For instance, today, I thought I may even get a good start or finish a writing assignment I have (due, uhm, let’s just say, soon!). Instead, I dug out the laundry room, unpacked various totes and bags from the above mentioned mileage and meetings, answered some of my email, wrote some get well notes, played with the cat (that always creeps in somewhere), watered the outside plants (the inside ones are still begging) and connected with people on the phone. Occasionally both phones at the same time. I would say I spent the most of my day talking on the phone.

The good news is that Tay-man, the army dude, located on the east coast, loves to talk to his mom. Even if there is not much to say (but we still take lots of time doing it). The daughter will talk to mom, even if I have to repeatedly call her until she stops texting long enough to pick up. The husband calls regularly to check in and update me on daily news. Occasionally a parent will give me a ring. And if it’s a red star day (like today), the seester in Denver calls and we catch up. To make the day even better, a friend calls. 🙂

So, the the older you get and the kids grow up and leave home you will have more time is not true. What is true, is that priorities change, and people become more important than clean houses. (clean laundry is still vaguely important) Seeing friends and family and making new friends takes precedence over, gasp, even my writing deadline (although I can feel the pressure building to get it done).

I should rename this blog, It Rings, And it Pours, or It Never Stops Ringing…What did we do without landlines (or landmines, as one of my parents calls them) or cell-u-lite phones? Ring, ring, I’m off to answer again. And then work on the writing deadline!


Author: Angie

I live with my husband and two crazy kitties. I love having my grandchildren nearby so we can play and have messy fun. I spend oodles of time writing and reading. You can usually find me sipping tea or coffee, nibbling on dark chocolate, and contemplating what to plant next in the garden. If I am not playing, eating, drinking, or planting, then I am probably creating cards with rubber stamps or out snapping photos with my camera.

One thought on “It Never Rains, But it Pours

  1. I love you! What a riot! Been ahile since I checked up on you. Sooo glad I did. Glad to hear things are moving right along!
    Take care!

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