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Bonjour, Tout le monde!


Tada! (mental picture of me with my arms thrown up, looking smashing in a gymnast outfit, and great trumpet music in the background). I am FINALLY trying (big time trying) to blog. My friends from Richmond have been trying to get me to start. I kept procrastinating and making excuses. And for good reason! I can’t even figure out how this thing works! I think it is for younger, more flexible brains…

Disclaimer: I choose to randomly throw in French words, since all things French are one of my love’s. 🙂 And it’s my blog, so I can do that. Maybe you will learn a little French (maybe some incorrect French, I should say) when you read it.

I should back track. My first love is Jesus Christ. There. Now I pray that all entries reflect that love and the growth and development in my life as I transform to be more like Him. That doesn’t mean I will be perfect, no siree. Just forgiven and loved. (That almost sounds like another disclaimer, doesn’t it?).

My second love is my honey. Kevin, Mr. Q., PK, pastor, Dad, Fajah (oh, you mean FATHER), Kev…the man of many names. He’s also my bestest friend (and I also warn of impending incorrect English errors, of which there will be many). We are high school sweethearts, and have been together since 10th grade (give or take one year off, which he will gladly tell you all about and how it was my fault). We celebrate our 23rd anniversary in June. This year we will spend it in Richmond, Virginia, at appointment week (more later on that subject – this is to introduce you to my immediate family, so you can break the code when I make jokes or comments).

With the love of my life, we have 2 wonderful, fantastic, probably brain damaged from us, children. I mean one son, 19 going on 20, who is in the Army training in mechanics, Tay-Man, and one daughter, 17 going on 35, who is just finishing up high school and her AA at the same time, Pee-pah. Now, their REAL names are Taylor and Chelsie. But we, like most of you, have a variety of nicknames, and these nicknames are used with certain tones of voice to imply what level of trouble each is in, (or what feelings we have, or what we need them to do, etc. etc.). We are almost all the time empty nesters. Sigh. They grow up so fast. Enjoy your babies. Sermon over.

Our third child, of whom you will be hearing, is Annabelle. She has weight issues, a saggy belly, an attitude most of the time, hogs the bed, demands fresh water and treats, sheds black hair on everything, and loves her mommy most. Nanna is our black and white tuxedo cat. Let it be said that she is a cat in every sense of the word…

Well, I think that is good for my first post. NOW, if I can figure out what to do next. I may accidently lose this (and then I will be mad and not do blogging for awhile) or send it to France or Australia or outer space…Help me out with some tips, please!

Bonjour (hello) Tout le monde (all the world)!


Author: Angie

I live with my husband and crazy kitty. I love having my grandchildren nearby so we can play and have messy fun. I spend oodles of time writing and reading. You can usually find me sipping tea or coffee, nibbling on dark chocolate, and contemplating what to plant next in the garden. If I am not playing, eating, drinking, or planting, then I am probably creating cards with rubber stamps, walking, hiking, or out snapping photos with my camera.

6 thoughts on “Bonjour, Tout le monde!

  1. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fabulous~

    I’m excited to read all about you and your journey! Congrats Angie!!!!

    And I must say you R a great writer!

    Here’s too many many moer blogs!

  2. good job, you have a lot of energy to do the blog thing, i know it can take a few hours a day. It must be good exercise for your writing career though!
    hope to see you soon.

  3. Congrats, Angie! Now you just have to figure out how to add PHOTOS!! Can’t wait for the next one!

  4. Angie…SO great!! Excited to keep up better…see you soon!!!


  5. That’s my Ang———-

    Always tryin something new. That will keep you young forever. I just got a palm pilot cell phone thing…………….talk about challenging.

    Love ya cuz!

  6. AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW so cool! U R my favorite writer of all time! Love to see you grow! You remind me of the Lilac Bush you gave me that’s planeted in the front yard back home. It’s had to stand up to some pretty tough stuff out in the boonies like that; driving rain, wind, and frozen days and it’s still going strong. The flowers still pop out each year!!!!

    Love ya Seeeester! – TJ

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